Bitch Power

OK People – I’ve just bought myself a big fat muscular bitch of a hammer drill!!! – it’s called the Makita HR2610 SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill and apparently it’s one of the best ones out there that you can get (if not the best! ;)). “But why?” I hear you ask – and I can already hear the wise cracks and comments “What’s that bitch gonna do with a hammer drill?”, “Oh no, the bitch has got a hammer drill…”, and my personal favourite, “Are you able to lift it?”. Well you new age basta… you are not the only ones that can do construction work you know.DSCN2638

I have a bit of home remodelling to do in the coming weeks and this thing apparently can go through stone walls so its gonna be pretty useful. Apart from having a drill function, it also has a chiselling function so it can essentially be used as a small jack hammer as well – awesome! The one I bought came with the chisel included as well as three identical packs of SDS+ drill bits – strange – why identical?! I guess drill bits on these things wear out quicker than your regular drill when they are going through such hard material all the time. I also got this mega long 14mm drill bit for DSCN2637it separately as I’m gonna need to route some copper piping through some walls. I’ve tried it out a little and I have to say that it does very much live up to expectations for what I’ve used it for so far (putting up pictures on brick walls).

Now I could really get into the macho power tools thing as it’s such a pleasure to use this beast especially when you see it going through previously-impossibly difficult brickwork as if it were the proverbial hot knife through butter. I have just started looking into getting some other power tools now in preparation for my upcoming home renovation challenge and I’m starting to salivate over which jigsaw, table saw and multi-tool would be most useful in getting – now that isn’t as pretty a site as you might think!

Stay tuned for further power tool purchases and renovation challenge updates.